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Weddings at Minnehaha Communion Lutheran Church 
We celebrate that God has led you to the decision to be married. At Minnehaha Communion, we welcome the opportunity to help all couples, including same-sex couples, in one of the most important moments in your life. In order to be married at Minnehaha Communion, it is not necessary that you be a member of our church and/or from a Lutheran background. We are committed to help people build strong God-centered marriages where families can grow and thrive.

What are the steps to be married at Minnehaha Communion?
Contact the church office (612-722-9527) to check the availability of our Worship Center and our church calendar. Office hours are Monday through Friday 9:00AM to 1:00PM, closed Saturday and Sunday.
Please read through our Wedding Policies and Guidelines booklet to answer many of the questions you might have.
Let's Get Acquainted
The engaged couple then contacts Minnehaha Communion to arrange a meeting with our pastors to begin the process of Marriage Preparation.
Pastor Dan Ankerfelt or Pastor Sally Ankerfelt will officiate at all MCLC weddings unless you request another officiant. If you wish to have another pastor officiate or participate in the ceremony, this must be pre-approved by an MCLC pastor prior to any planning. All guest pastors are to be licensed in the state of Minnesota.  Questions regarding Hennepin County’s filing requirements for ministerial credentials should be directed to Vital Records at 612-348-8919.
All couples meet with our Wedding Coordinator who will lead them through the various steps of planning and preparation for the rehearsal and wedding.
Costs for the Wedding
A deposit payment of $75.00 to the church should be received within seven days of the initial meeting confirming the wedding date. This can be mailed to the church office or given to the pastor at the time of the initial meeting. Make checks payable to: Minnehaha Communion Lutheran Church or MCLC. Fill out the wedding information sheet and return to the office or give to the pastor..
Once the wedding date is booked, the deposit is non-refundable.  Following payment of deposit, a letter confirming the date and time of the wedding (and the rehearsal) will be sent to the engaged couple. This letter will also serve as a receipt for payment received. 
Item                                                        Non-Members**
Pastor’s Honorarium                                       $250.00
Pre-Marriage education class fee                      $35.00
Sanctuary      (non-air conditioned)                $450.00
Chapel           (air conditioned)                       $250.00
Organist                                    contact music director        
Wedding Coordinator                                      $150.00
Custodial Fee                                                    $80.00
Fellowship Hall (dining room)                       $150.00
(non-air conditioned)
Kitchen                                                           $150.00
** MCLC members: please contact the church office for the members  
wedding booklet.**