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News from Sue:

I have often said I grew up in the perfect era.  There were numerous educational and vocational opportunities available, and it was still possible to “work your way” through college.  Entertainment did not always involve portable electronics, high definition, or even leaving home.  One of our favorite family activities was assembling jigsaw puzzles.  (Did we know excitement or what?)  The variety of shapes and patterns of the individual pieces and their relationship to the full picture is a fitting metaphor for life in general and church life in particular.
An important step in beginning a puzzle is to assemble the border.  It defines the shape, size, and scope of what is to come.  The MCLC mission statement “Building Relationships with Christ and Each Other” sets out what we are about.  Within the Parish Nurse program, these relationships are nurtured through visits in homes, hospitals, and care centers.  Additional contact and follow up is done by phone, and cards and notes signed by staff and congregation members help us keep in touch with those unable to join us in person.
Some puzzle pieces are easy to place: their design, color, or shape make it obvious where they fit.  Likewise, some activities are clearly parish nurse related.  Activities such as providing assistance in interpreting lab results, explaining treatment options, or serving as patient advocate when visiting a physician fall into this category.  Some pieces at first glance appear to fit in several places, but find their home in parish nursing.  Guiding people through their Advance Directives, reaching out to the bereaved through services such as the Longest Night, and working with our prayer ministry (including prayer stations and coordinating prayer petitions submitted via prayer cards or the web site) integrate the spiritual dimension into holistic health.  
When our family did puzzles, we would often fit together all the loose pieces only to find one space remaining.  My sister loved to pocket a piece so she could produce it at the end and complete the puzzle.  In church life too, there are those “last pieces” that enrich the finished picture, activities that enhance and expand our life together as the body of Christ.  The prayer shawl ministry continues to provide a tangible means of wrapping people in Christ’s love.  Activities with local partners designed to improve the health of our community include providing continuing education for staff at the VOA and a pilot project with Fairview serving seniors in the 55406 zip code.
I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to my colleagues on staff; especially Pastors Sally and Dan, for helping me stay focused on the “big picture.”  I would also like to thank you, the members of MCLC, for providing the color, texture, and depth of that picture.  May God guide our work together as we continue to assemble the pieces.
In Christ,
Sue Arens, Parish Nurse, Deacon

Valborg Tollefsrud, Parish Nurse for former Our Redeemer members
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