Minnehaha Communion Lutheran - Hope, Healing and Wholeness
Minnehaha Communion Lutheran - Building Relationships with Christ and Each Other.

Bringing Hope, Healing and Wholeness

Minnehaha Communion Lutheran Church has begun to educate itself on what it looks like to be a congregation that is intentional about creating practices that support healing and resiliency. Our hope is to be able to reach out to our community as a resource for those who have gone or are going through traumatic times. We seek to be a place where people can experience God's hope, healing and wholeness.

Minnehaha Communion Lutheran Church wants to be equipped not only with the love of Christ, but with the skills to appropriately welcome and accompany individuals and families who are seeking acceptance and understanding for their wounded hearts.

From Council President Vicky Anderson:

“Everything that is done in the world is done by hope.” - Martin Luther
“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is ‘what are you doing for others?’” - Martin Luther King, Jr.
During the past year MCLC has provided for and participated in a multitude of wonderful opportunities.   We have explored the church from “within our walls” and reached-out to the community “outside our walls.”
Regardless of where we have journeyed, there has been a strong resounding theme for movement, action, and revitalization within our churches, neighborhoods, and communities.

Some examples from this year are:
  • Called Forward – Together in Christ (ELCA Synod Strategic Direction 2025)
  • Coming Down - God to us, Moving In - Us to God, and Reaching Out - Us to Neighbors (ELCA Model of the Cross -Stewards of God’s Love)
  • Race Forward – Advancing Racial Justice (Peace & Justice Gathering)
  • Go Deeper – Building Relationships with Christ and Each Other – MCLC’s Mission
  • Answer the Call – Offering God’s Hope, Healing and Wholeness to All - MCLC’s Primary Initiative
  • Flesh-Out – Giving Substance to Our Goals
  • Flush-Out – Searching for the Truth, Leaving the Hiding Places, and Revealing God’s Plan
Our pastors recently posed two thought provoking questions to our congregation:
  • “Do we hear the call to become a light to others?”
  • “Are we ready to accept what God gives us and follow where Christ leads the way?”
The pastoral staff at MCLC firmly believes that God is calling us to continue our work as being a place of “Building Relationships through bringing God’s Hope, Healing, and Wholeness to All.”
Our response to this call has and will continue to take place in phases:
  • The first phase was to learn about and continue doing what it means to be an intentional place of Hope, Healing, and Wholeness.  This phase took place before, during, and after the sabbatical (2014 – 2016).
  • The second phase will begin in 2017, where we go deeper with our call by turning our attention outward, moving further into the community.
  • Phase three will be looking ahead to 2018, inviting and equipping all of you, as MCLC members, and friends in the community to participate in partnership as we go forward with our mission and continue our journey.
We hold in our hands the stone of hope”.  Are we ready to “carry it forward” with determination and faithful collaboration in 2018 and beyond?
To be stewards of hope and make our mission, initiatives, and goals come to life, we need the whole church to explore, engage, and most importantly, EMBRACE them.
During 2017, we will be laying out a road map for phase 2 to guide us forward in our participation in God’s Mission.  When we agree to share ownership, and stand together in solidarity regarding the future direction, goals, and priorities of this church, we are embracing our mission. Collaboration involves the support of our entire congregation. 
Once we have embraced our future road map, it needs to go hand-in-hand with implementation, action, and an understanding of some of the leadership challenges we face.
We are poised at an exciting and challenging place, but change often faces resistance:
  • Change and revitalization are a messy, slow labor of love.
  • ·It is likely that not every member will support change and the process can be difficult and slow-moving.
  • The way of church life to which we have grown accustomed to may change.
  • There may be physical messes like mud on the carpet, smudges on the walls, dirty bathrooms, or broken vases.
  • There may also be relational messes – things changing that some do not want to change.
  • No matter how challenged we are, change and revitalization empowers us to “produce lasting fruit” and “momentum results from movement against inertia.”
As a congregation we need to listen, talk, and get excited about fulfilling God’s mission for us.  If we remember to “love God, ourselves, and others” during times of change, we will stay connected while we travel forward on this journey.
MCLC is “rooted in Scripture, and in Christ, as our church continues to be shaped by the changing face of our communities, by new immigration patterns and national and global trends affecting religion and society.”
“In 2017, we will be observing the 500 anniversary of the Martin Luther’s reformation.  This significant milestone provides an opportunity to look back with joy to our deep theological roots and faith traditions, history of being a reformed and reforming church and to a future filled with abundant HOPE and possibilities.”

Let’s also reflect on the words of Martin Luther King, Jr. as we begin our journey for peace & justice for all.
Many sincere thanks to all past, present, and future members of MCLC for keeping our roots healthy, our traditions preserved, and our heritage alive and well.
It is both an honor and a privilege to serve the congregation of MCLC.

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