Minnehaha Communion Lutheran Church - Sunday School/Youth Education
Minnehaha Communion Lutheran Church -  "Building Relationships With Christ and Each Other"
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YOUTH EDUCATION/SUNDAY SCHOOL: Building Resiliency through Christian Community 
Ages 3 - High School
Minnehaha Communion Lutheran Church is dedicated to providing a secure and loving environment for children to grow strong in Christ. We believe that before children can learn about the faith, they first must feel secure and loved. 

Minnehaha Communion Lutheran Church has been trained through the FaithTrust Institute’s Safe and Healthy Congregations program and is in the process of  implementing its guidelines throughout the Sunday school.  Background checks, boundary and abuse awareness are all a part of becoming a safe place for youth.  (To learn more, go to www.faithtrustinstitute.org)

Our new initiative of offering God's hope, healing and wholeness can be seen in our current education practices: 
  • Quiet space in education area for children who may be anxious
  • Fidgets cart that carries an assortment of items that can help a child feel calm (squeeze balls, stretchy toys, etc.)
  • Sunday school that focuses more on relational goals than learning targets
  • Kids Korner space in the worship area that includes quiet activities for the children and a rocking chair for parents or guardians with young children
  • Nursery In addition to safe and fun toys, our nursery includes interesting books and puzzles that introduce the children to Biblical stories and to God’s love. The nursery staff is happy to read children stories and encourage joyful play. The staff has been trained in infant and child CPR and emergency procedures.
  • Confirmation (6th grade and up) is exploring the topic of "Real Relationships," using Holy Scripture and the Apostles' Creed to notice both healthy and unhealthy qualities. We also are practicing good relationship skills, focusing on the Christian's call to share God's love. 

Registration Form for Youth Education
Please download, complete and mail or bring this form to MCLC. Additional forms are be available at MCLC.

Permission Form for MCLC activities
Click the link below to access the permission slip required for individuals under 18 who do not have a registration and medical information form on file at MCLC to participate in MCLC activities.